About Us

Knowledge, Dynamism & Integrity are the cornerstones of Rightfunds existence. The platform was built to provide a means for investors like you and me to begin investing in Mutual funds. In the light of falling Fixed deposit rates and the inherent risks involved in buying individual stocks, mutual funds provide for a great alternative to investors by enabling them to maintain a professionally managed portfolio that is diversified across various sectors.

The platform offers Equity, Debt, Balanced and Tax saving mutual fund schemes to choose from based on your investment horizon and tolerance for risk.

Coupling technology with distribution of financial services has given us the unprecedented opportunity to service small investments. You may now begin investing regularly with as little as Rs. 1,000!

Remember, it is never too early to begin investing, if you’re 25 and invest just rupees 5,000 each month at a rate of 18% your portfolio would be worth roughly 3 crores by your 50 th birthday. While 18% returns may seem unachievable there are several equity oriented schemes that have given such aggregated growth rates for a prolonged period of time.

Disciplined investing and the power of compounding can make you rich!

In this journey of building Rightfunds together, we welcome your suggestions and feedback on how we can serve you better. Happy Investing!

Vasudev Fatehpuria vgupta@rightfunds.com